10/24/2012 - 2:58pm

Apple severed ties with Google Maps in their latest iOS update. Users who upgraded their older iPhone 4 and 4s to the iOS 6 version will no longer have access to the Google Maps app that was part of the core Apple operating system. Instead they'll have access to the newly developed Apple Maps app. When the iPhone 5 was released it came with the iOS 6 version out of the box.

10/11/2012 - 9:41am

When Google transitioned from Places listings to Local+ for all local businesses, they also changed the way users reviewed local businesses. They introduced the Zagat rating system. Zagat’s scoring is a bit obtuse, using a 0-3 scale to indicate satisfaction with numerous pieces of the overall experience. The score was then translated into a 0-30 point score.

09/19/2012 - 8:38am

Businesses that know online success, largely realize that success by leveraging search engines to their advantage. Maybe they buy ad space in search results. The more cost effective way to get search engine traffic is to rank on the front-page for many different keywords. Generally organic results (as natural results are often called) can mean better site traffic and more customers finding your business. But how do you get ranked for keywords that matter to your business? And how do you keep your current rankings without getting dog-piled by competitors the moment you turn your back?

06/11/2012 - 10:02am

It didn't take long for Google to transition 88 million Places pages to the Google+ Local Page platform. The transition happened late last week and it makes for some interesting changes to the search results and to the identity of your business in the search engine. The change removes the old Places page and shows a more dynamic and robust Local+ page for each business. 

05/07/2012 - 9:40am

Late last year Google introduced additional security layers for web surfing patrons of their search engine. Anyone logged into their Google account would now be searching through a secure channel and their actions privatized. At first blush, this change seemed to be great for individual privacy. But then website owners started noticing a new keyword search term (or lack of one) show up in their Google Analytics reports. The (not provided) result was born. 

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