The Digital Advantage

The Digital Advantage is the answer to many questions business owners have about their web presence. It's a combination of strategies to bring your website the biggest visibility boost possible. The best part - we stand behind the value of this package. You can cancel at anytime. So why not try it out today?


The Why

According to a 2010 survey by Pew Research, 76% of individuals in the US use the Internet on a daily basis. The same survey revealed 28% of those adults, research businesses and products through search engines each day (Pew Internet). No business can say, “They won’t search for my product online.” In the information age, businesses should fixate on becoming "hyperlocal" in online marketing efforts. Businesses that succeed online compete for top search results, manage their business reputation, and maintain consistency with their online identity. The News-Gazette’s “Digital Advantage” provides tools to give local businesses a competitive edge.

The How

The “Digital Advantage” product leverages key web properties and software to ensure your business positions itself for online success. Each business receives an exclusive business profile off the website that aids search engine optimization efforts. The identity management arm of the product reaches out to well known web directories to update or include your business name, address, and phone number. And the “Digital Advantage” product monitors your business reputation through key social media and review websites. Our product combines three necessary components into the ideal online marketing package.

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Google estimates more than 20% of all searches have a local component to them.

75% of internet users in the area are aware of The News-Gazette website.

80% of users accessed the internet in the past 24 hours.

½ of the total U.S. Internet audience visits a social networking site in a given day.

76% of individuals use the internet each day, according to a PEW Research poll.

59% of all internet users in the area make use of online media.