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Identity Management Services, Champaign, IL

You want customers to find correct information on your business in search engines and directories.

The Digital Advantage product pushes your business contact information to dozens of market-defining sites. We also ensure your information is listed identically across popular directories, lending your business credibility.

Our relationship with top-tier data providers ensures accurate information always appears for your business. This "meta" information helps boosts search results and also guarantees no customer will be calling a dead number or visiting a boarded-up storefront.

Your contact information can lead to future sales and also protect your brand. Identity Management services are all part of the News-Gazette Digital Advantage product. Sign up today to start earning the trust of your customers.

We're offering the Identity portion of the Digital Advantage as a standalone service. You can buy it today for $299 a year.

Identity comes as an integral part of the Digital Advantage package and includes a steep discount on the service.

What is Identity Management?

Business identity consists of name, address, and phone number (NAP). This information may be found on your website, but it may also be propagated to other listing directories and social media platforms. Online business directories and information outlets offer a good way to introduce your business to a browsing user. More and more individuals are using the internet to research local businesses and their services each day. They may type a product into Google or they may seek out your business listing in their favorite review site. To ensure they find you and not a competitor, your business information needs to appear across a wide spectrum of websites. Our software pushes correct information about your business to major online directories, so your business can reap the search engine benefits and ensure searchers find accurate information about your business. The software also exposes misinformation so we can update with the correct business name, address, and phone number.

According to Google, more than 20% all searches have a local component, and that number is growing each year.

The Identity Management package shines for both newly launched websites and mature ones. Older websites may have had contact information scraped by directories. Often these databases have old, incorrect information. New websites have no online footprints. Our software finds gaps in information so we can quickly create new listings for our clients. The software sends your business NAP and metadata, like relevant product and service keywords, so your website will see search engine placement benefits as a result. The Identity Management portion of the “Digital Advantage” can boost local search results after a short period of time. According to Google, more than 20% all searches have a local component, and that number is growing each year. Identity management services offered by our product should be considered the foundation of search engine placement techniques.

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59% of all internet users in the area make use of online media.

Google estimates more than 20% of all searches have a local component to them.

75% of internet users in the area are aware of The News-Gazette website.

½ of the total U.S. Internet audience visits a social networking site in a given day.

80% of users accessed the internet in the past 24 hours.

76% of individuals use the internet each day, according to a PEW Research poll.