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Lawyers can benefit immensely from online lead generation. How well does your website attract attention online? Can you do better?

The News-Gazette Digital Advantage can help attorneys with many aspects of online marketing. Lead generation is the first and most crucial to developing new client. Google and Bing can bring targeted traffic to a firm's website, but only if the site is optimized and has the right supporting pages linking to it. We offer the latter in a robust landing page for any keywords you want to target. To give an idea, "injury attorney champaign" may be one set of keywords to target, while "injury lawyer champaign" would be entirely separate.

As search engines become smarter, so too should your online marketing efforts. We help you stay connected to your community through easy to use tools.

As search engines become smarter, so too should your online marketing efforts.

Lawyers gain their reputation in social circles offline, just as they do online. Hear what clients have to say about your performance, engage your audience, and learn about your business reputation through our comprehensive tool set. You can see social media mentions, monitor your business' visibility through custom reports, and see how new information about your business gets propagated through various channels online.

Law firms have a great need to move their marketing efforts online. Lead generation through organic search results, listening to client reviews, and positioning your law office's information in front of web searchers, regardless of where they look for your business, are paramount to success in today's world.

Digital Advantage Benefits for Lawyers

  • Hear what your clients have to say
  • Position your site favorably for key search terms
  • Ensure your contact and business information are always up-to-date in notable sites
  • Leverage the high traffic domain for your benefit

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80% of users accessed the internet in the past 24 hours.

½ of the total U.S. Internet audience visits a social networking site in a given day.

75% of internet users in the area are aware of The News-Gazette website.

Google estimates more than 20% of all searches have a local component to them.

59% of all internet users in the area make use of online media.

76% of individuals use the internet each day, according to a PEW Research poll.