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The News-Gazette Digital Services team provides everything businesses need to be successful online.

Web Design

Our web design services can help you craft the perfect image for your business, organization, or publication. Take a look at our existing portfolio or visit one of our flagship web properties, like the News-Gazette site.

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Social Media

We can help any business get a handle on social media endeavours. We offer custom designed Facebook gated pages, custom Facebook and Twitter profile creation services, and managed updates from our Marketing department.

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Search Engine Optimization

Our Digital Advantage product helps you get a handle on how well you're performing and improves many of your positions in search results. Take your efforts a step further through our custom SEO consultative services. We help you tailor your site to improve organic search results for your industry related keywords.

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Email Marketing

Building a customer list can be extremely profitable for many small businesses. The cost of an email campaign dwarfs more traditional forms of mail. We help you craft the marketing campaign, create the email messages, and set you up with the tools you need to interact with your list.

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Google estimates more than 20% of all searches have a local component to them.

75% of internet users in the area are aware of The News-Gazette website.

76% of individuals use the internet each day, according to a PEW Research poll.

80% of users accessed the internet in the past 24 hours.

½ of the total U.S. Internet audience visits a social networking site in a given day.

59% of all internet users in the area make use of online media.