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Does your business website sit at the top of local searches? Would you like to improve search rankings for your particular industry keywords?

The News-Gazette Digital Advantage promotes your business online in a way no other local service can. We leverage our high traffic and authoritative domain to help your business get noticed among thousands of online pages. Improving your search ranking can lead to a noticeable increase in targeted site traffic. The more people you have visiting your website, the more potential your site has for converting visitors into customers.

The The News-Gazette Digital Advantage package increases visibility and maintains search rankings for select keywords related to your business.

We're offering the Search portion of the Digital Advantage as a standalone service. You can buy it today for $119 a month or $1,199 a year.

Search comes as an integral part of the Digital Advantage package and includes a steep discount on the service. 

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving search engine ranking visibility for specific keywords. When a user visits any of the major search engines, like Google, Bing, or Yahoo, they type in their keyword to see relevant results. Targeted SEO effort is required to have a website appear in a search engine’s top results for a specific keyword. SEO practices focus on two areas: on-site page sculpting to rank better for certain keywords and off-site link building using targeted keywords as the link anchor. The "Digital Advantage" provides keyword links to your website from our trusted web properties to give you a competitive edge. Trusted websites, like the site, will help any website gain traction with search engine results.

"Link building is the single most important part of achieving a high ranking website in modern search engines."

Search engines have become smarter and smarter as technology and search algorithms improve. In his groundbreaking search engine optimization work Aaron Wall argues, "Link building is the single most important part of achieving a high ranking website in modern search engines." Google and Bing consider inbound links the keystone for determining a website's placement in search results. A website that receives a link from a trusted local source, like the News-Gazette website, will have better ranking placement for that link's keyword. One link from a well-trusted source can do more good than hundreds of poorly-placed links.

Search engines favor the website due to its age, the incredible amount of backlinks pointing to our domain, and the thousands of articles published annually. Consider that the website receives 15,000 unique visitors per day, and reaches more than 230,000 unique visitors per month. Thousands of visitors find our website through search engine searches. Now imagine we link to your business, using keyword anchor text related to your products and services. Search engines give weight to links coming from a trusted source, like the Over the course of time, links from our web properties boost your keyword specific rankings. The “Digital Advantage” product offers ongoing SEO support through inbound links. Businesses that purchase the “Digital Advantage” product receive a directory style listing on The News-Gazette network of websites. The listing showcases the services of the business and also includes keyword optimized links to your business website.

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76% of individuals use the internet each day, according to a PEW Research poll.

½ of the total U.S. Internet audience visits a social networking site in a given day.

59% of all internet users in the area make use of online media.

Google estimates more than 20% of all searches have a local component to them.

80% of users accessed the internet in the past 24 hours.