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Search Engine Optimization Consulting

SEO consulting can be an on-going campaign for clients wanting long term keyword analysis and development of rankings.

Search Engine Optimization Starter Package

The News-Gazette has created a starter package for businesses who want to improve their search presence.

Search engines consider on-site content and the structure of a website integral when determining the site’s authority for their products and services. To boost search ranking, an expert in on-page optimization can make tweaks to better position the site for favorable results.

The services included with the package are: business keyword analysis, backlink and current position report, on-page SEO diagnosis, and mentoring for achieving optimal results.

You receive a customized report identifying the changes needed to increase their overall rank for their site. The report may include suggestions regarding:

  • navigation structure
  • formatting tags
  • meta information
  • keyword optimization
  • internal linking
  • code optimization/error fixing

The final diagnosis report would be hand delivered, with scheduled meeting to mentor you on how to fix the problems found.

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