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Web Design and Development Services in Champaign, IL

Businesses in Champaign, Illinois hear the name News-Gazette all the time. Our professionals have been handling media creations in this community for years. Now we're moving into the online space. Our Digital Services team comes highly trained and experienced in web development and marketing. Having worked on the premier website in Central Illinois, our staff knows the rigors of building a competitive website. We've also brought in experts to help build business websites and to support our digital products as we move forward. The News-Gazette Digital Services team can work with you to develop a plan for a site or to simply update an existing one.

Custom Web Design in Champaign, IL

Does your business have a design direction? We work with you to develop a template for a content management system. Content Management Systems enable business owners to update with products and service text without learning difficult code or clumsy software programs. Our sites are built using the highest coding standards. We can incorporate custom elements too. Need account profiles for your user? Want to integrate social media into your theme? Have an idea for improving the overall framework of your existing site? Work with the Digital Services team to amp up your online presence.

Ecommerce Development

Have an idea for an eCommerce store? The Digital Services team can help bring that idea to life. We specialize in custom eCommerce solutions. We sit down with you to realize the ins-and-outs of the online process. We'll talk about inventory management, explain payment gateways, and help you secure your site against online threats. All our work will be detailed and a proposal given upfront. The News-Gazette Digital Services team understands the complexities of online ordering systems. We have built stores that receive orders all hours of the day. We can help you achieve the success you desire with your online store. Call us today to start moving on your idea.

Managed Web Hosting

Need a web host? Tired of updating your own installations. We also offer managed web hosting. Our hosting services are not required of any of our development clients. It's a service we do have. Please contact your account representative with any questions about our rates.

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